5 Really Easy Laughter Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Home

Posted on30 Mar 2013

5 Really Easy Laughter Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Home

by enerlaugh on March 30, 2013

One of the things I love about Laughter Yoga is that you can do it any time, any where, with anyone! Even on your own!! Yeaaap, you heard right, doing Laughter Yoga on your own! So forget about what people might think of you if you laugh on your own, cause I have 5 really easy Laughter Yoga exercises you can do at home and will definitely will put a smile on your face haha

Enerlaugh - Laughter Yoga1. “Warm up” laughter

As in any other exercise its important to get our body’s ready. Soo lets begin with a quick warm up… in hale during 3 seconds, hold, and exhale for 3 more. Repeat this twice and then switch the “normal” exhale to saying out loud “hahahahahaha” until you feel you are out of breath. Repeat twice! By now, you should have had the first of many smiles on your face : D

2. “Quick” laughter

Quick as a flash… just say “ha” as fast as possible and repeat a couple of times, living a second in between laugh… and finish with a big haaaa while you close your eyes and open your mouth wide! hahaha

3. “Mobile” laughter

Just as you thought! Walk around the with your phone or pretend to have a phone and this time instead of talking to someone or texting, just keep saying.. hahahahaha (try to say hi for more than 5 times… but don’t count them! Its not a rigid thing)

4. “Creative” Laughter

Be creative and fun!! Come up with a new exercise and just laugh! Laugh for no reason, without the use of comedy, just laugh for the sake of laughing.

5. “Ice Cream” Laughter

Just feel like a kid again! Wasn’t it great when you asked mom for that icecream!! Remember the excitement, joy and laughter : ) well… now we have the opportunity to relive that feeling. So pretend you’ve got your favourite ice cream, a double ice cream in a big cone. Now, start licking it and enjoying its flavour and while you do it, indulge yourself in laughter while you say “ha ha ha ha! Keep doing until you finish!!

And remember, even if its simulated, your body doesn’t know that! So we still get the amazing health benefits of laughter!

So keep laughing, and tell me how it goes!

Tons of Love!

Moni : D



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